Social Media Optimization

It is very confusing sometimes what really social media optimization is? If one understands the meaning of Social Media Optimization from one of the followings:

  1. Increasing Facebook Fan Page likes.
  2. Increasing Twitter/Instagram Followers.
  3. Adding more people to circle for Google plus.
  4. Getting more connections in LinkedIn.

Well, he/she is wrong. There are many companies who are selling fake/real Social Fans/Followers etc. Actually that never works. If you are one of the victims of those marketing techniques, please go through further reading since you know most of the things.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization works upon two important factors :

  1. Target Audience ( Age, Interests, Country, Gender etc.)
  2. Services/Product of website of clients.

To get the targeted audience from social media platform is truly social media optimization.  If you have 300 Facebook fans who are targeted, sometimes much better than 10000 non-targeted fans.

So, How We do Social Media Optimization?

This is not only time consuming but requires more research. What we need from you to do so :

  1. Product / Services
  2. Audience ( Location, Age etc.)
  3. Your website URL.

We create one auto-news/article generating website along with multiple social media profiles based on targeted audience. These social media profiles add followers manually based on targets ( Interests/country etc.) As these multiple profiles keeps on adding followers, the overall count of followers eventually increases and every news article published on the wordpress auto news site, gets circulated using these multiple profiles to hundreds and thousands of followers . In return, there is a heavy flow of targeted audience to this news site and it is up to us how we want to use this traffic.

To understand the social media traffic, please go through the following links :


This targeted traffic can be used in following ways :

  1. Use Google Style Ads to drive traffic to your business sites.
  2. Use Facebook cookies/Adwords cookies as a remarketing tool.
  3. Force user to like your facebook fan page (Main Website ) or force to follow your twitter account before reading the news content.
  4. Place a Pop-up or Pop-Under after a pre-defined interval.
  5. Protect your brand name completely from Social Media Risks.
  6. Force user to sign-up using any social media to read the news to capture their email address.

Many other advantages.

Please review carefully our social media program below.

Set-up of a WordPress Site

We set-up an auto-news publishing website on WordPress based on your product or services. This site automatically fetch the news from Google,Yahoo and other news resources which is based upon your keywords, product or services. This site can publish a news at the interval of 10 min to 1 Hour as per your requirement. Also, it deletes the content of article ( leaving title and Article/News Source in the site to avoid 404) after a pre-defined interval like ( 2 hr, 4 hr, 8 hr , 24 hr , 2 days, 3 days).  This site has following features:


  • Predefined Articles will be fetched from Sources as per required keywords/services/products.
  • Will have option to share article in social media.
  • Will have an email capture box.
  • Will have multiple Google Ad style Ads at multiple locations ( For your main website).
  • Will have FB like box which can be replaced by Any other pop-under ( For Main website Facebook Page).
  • RSS & Facebook page.
  • Visitor tracking via Google Analytics or Other Private tool.
  • SEO Optimized for On Page ( Auto Meta Title and Description)
  • Can be accessed via login/password & can be protected with OTP.
  • Will be placed along with its copy (Mirror) to balance load.
  • Every published article will be published on FB & Twitter, linkedIn not on Google plus.
  • Will be having Facebook cookies to create custom audience and retarget  them for Big or Main site.
  • Comments will be turned off.
  • Unique Design and styling for each site.
  • Mobile friendly responsive website.
  • One FB Page & One Twitter page will be added to each site.


Setting up Social Media Profiles

  • Real looking profiles with Bios and Pics.
  • Will be adding same interest of real twitter followers (Location,service,keyword,product) into their accounts as per twitter norms.
  • Will be publishing Auto-News Articles to their twitter accounts automatically once set-up perfectly.
  • Driving huge traffic to news website.


Social Media optimization with SEO/Google Ads/Facebook Ads


To discuss more about complete social media strategy specific to your website, please feel free to contact us.

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