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  • I need more information about reseller Program

    Below is the information about our re-seller program:

    Features for Resellers (You):

    Mobile Friendly Word-press Site (Pre-Defined Website or Custom Made )
    Free Emails ( Up to 10 )
    Free Hosting ( with Cpanel )
    Free Logo
    Delivery in less than 3 days.
    Ready-made Portfolio for your clients
    Ready-made 500+ Word-press Design for your clients
    500 Daily local leads
    Pre-designed FAQ
    Management with Prologic
    Project Management Portal
    Chat and Phone Support
    Email and ticket support
    Features for your customers

    Every basic static website for your customers starts from $249 and any customer work beyond charged separately and needs to discuss separately before finalizing the project.

    Kindly, Visit for more information.

    Static Website Definition
    Mobile Friendly Word-press/HTML Site
    Free Emails ( Up to 10 )
    Free Hosting
    Free Logo
    Delivery in less than 3-10 days.
    Any Niche
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  • What is reseller process?

    This is our reseller process

    Step 1: We will send to you a Reseller agreement
    Step 2: Pay According to the Reseller Plan
    Step 3: Choose the website design your following:

    Step 4: After payment confirmation, we will get all the basic requirements for your reseller website in a questionnaire.
    Step 5: We will set-up your live demo and upon confirmation , we will make your site live.
    Step 6: We will set-up a private project area to discuss your client website requirements and design.
    Step 7: Email and chat support will be made available to you 16 hours in a day.

  • What is the role of a reseller?

    As a Prologic reseller you generate your own clients and sell our products to them (as well as your own if you have them). You liaise with the client to assess their needs, then work with HQ to develop their online solution. You are responsible for populating the content on their site, training them and providing ongoing support.

  • Do i need one of your websites?

    Yes, it is a requirment of the reseller program that the reseller has a Prologic website. This makes you more credible because you are using what you are selling and also helps to improve your knowledge of the tools. Plus, many of the dynamically driven parts of your business administration systems link in with your website, including quoting and the knowledgebase.

  • What training do resellers receive?

    Resellers attend an intensive training course at Prologic HQ on the Gold Coast, which takes you through all our products and systems as well as industry knowledge and standards. This training is included in your reseller fee.

  • What sort of wholesale pricing do I get?

    Once you sign-up, you can get flat pricing for the customers. For example, a static website starts from $249 up to 10 pages. For other web element, you need to contact us separately from Project area.

  • Will my clients know about Prologic?

    No your clients will not know about your relationship with Prologic. Everything is rebranded as yours including the Content Management System, your quotes and emails, and even the footer that appears on your client's website so they will never see anything with Prologic branding on i

  • What do I need to become a reseller?

    Firstly, you need to have a current client base that you can sell our products to - ideally an existing business that you can add a website design service to. Secondly, you need to be willing to put in the effort to build your business as we have minimum sales targets that our resellers need to meet in order to remain in the program. Also, it's important that you share the same passion for the internet and business values that we do.

  • How does billing work?

    There are a couple of options for resellers when it comes to billing your clients. We can create your invoices for you automatically for new orders and monthly service fees ($10/month), or you can do it yourself.

  • Who provides ongoing support to the client?

    The reseller is responsible for providing ongoing technical support to the client, so it is important that you have a wide knowledge of the internet and technology. Any challenges that you cannot resolve on your own will be passed on to the Prologic email/chat and they will give you an answer to pass onto your client. No one from HQ ever liaises with your clients so you are fully responsible for their ongoing support. However, you can refer them prologic support which is at minimal cost like $99/year ( Basic Plan) and get rid of all troubles.

  • Do my clients have to host with you?

    Yes, because our software is proprietary and therefore hosted in our own environment. This is good for your client because it is a sophisticated, fully redundant hosting environment and they also get all our free software upgrades automatically. If they want to host separately, they need to pay $39 one time fees.

  • Can I discount or increase my RRP pricing?

    You have complete control over your retail pricing so you can set is as high or as low as you like. Our wholesale pricing will always remain constant so remember and you will have to pay that no matter what your RRP is.

  • What promotional and marketing materials do you provide?

    Our expert marketing team can provide you with ebooks, articles and other generic marketing pieces that you can rebrand as your own. Apart from that, you are responsible for all your own marketing activities.

  • What products and services can I offer my clients?

    As a Prologic reseller, you can sell you clients any of our products including website design, Graphics design, Ready-made applications, Mobile apps, Social CRM and a wide range of website add-on tools.

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