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  1. No one else can find any single blog from my network except myself and my blog team
    (If anyone found, I will close this thread. Seriously!)
  2. I’m not sure you will believe this : Every single post is published in Random IPs/Date/Time (including VPN) and Drip feed daily by MANUALLY.
  3. To overcome Google’s interference – No Gmail, Chrome, FireFox Browsers used at all.
  4. It applies while both accessing blogs and our cPanels.
  5. Blogs will be manipulated from Different IPs – Random IPs for every week to avoid sending repeated signals to Google from same IP all at once!
  6. Images & Videos will be added for some posts for diversity – We never let a footprint enter on our network
  7. Posts spread over 600 Blogs randomly mostly from PR 2+ Blogs (PR1-PR5 is the Range we keep in our network), DA and other important metrics will be very decent. I’m sure this is the most Decent private network you have ever come through!
  8. It’s Safer than ever now – The blogs have been being constructed from last 6 Months and Now it’s Safe & ready to Rank All. This is what you can actually call PRIVATE NETWORK!




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