Site Speed Consulting

With internet becoming an endless bundle of websites, one of the most distinguishing factors which can make one website stand out from the other in the same business domain is the website speed. No customer wants to see “Website loading” after clicking the site link which is why optimization of the site speed and performance are much of a concern now-a-days. If you wish to be a competitive player in the market, your website needs to be equipped with the requisites of speed and high performance.

Benefits of Site Speed Consulting

  1. Fast websites provide seamless user experience which increases the number of returning visitors to your site.
  2. If the website loads faster, the investment to be made in internet bandwidth and server space can be drastically reduced as little resources will be required to run the site flawlessly.
  3. Fast websites have very little bounce rate. The reason is that the clients click on the site link and it opens up rather than having them wait till the time they feel frustrated and just close the tab.
  4. Having a fast website has its perks. Studies have shown that greater numbers of sign-ups, ads, clicks and impressions are bound to follow the websites that load quickly.
  5. Website speed is one important factor when it comes to Google ranking. More traffic is diverted to the site and pages are indexed faster. The SERP positions are higher and cost per click associated with AdWords is reduced.

Why Us?

  1. We at Prologic Web Designs have a team of experts who specialize in optimizing the internet websites to load as fast as possible.
  2. Our in-depth understanding of how the internet works, how can we effectively reduce the load time and what effect a particular enhancement can have is undoubtedly marvellous.
  3. We offer seamless services to clients with quick-fix solutions anytime they need. All our clients need to do to seek our help is just make a call.
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