In today’s internet-driven world, website has become an important part of all businesses. Business growth is directly proportional to the attractiveness of the site. An interactive and attractive website helps to draw customers to your site. Because of this reason, companies are taking special care to update their website from PSD to HTML.

Benefits of Professional PSD to HTML Conversion

  1. Converting PSD to HTML website is good for SEO purpose. Since a responsive website has one link to manage, therefore SEO can be done easily by converting PSD to HTML.
  2. PSD to HTML converted website is accessible through any kind of device such as PC, desktop, android phones and tablets, etc.
  3. Conversion of PSD to HTML also helps in reducing the loading time of site in web browser.
  4. It increases the traffic to your website.
  5. Conversion of website design to HTML is very cost-effective.
  6. It yields better customer satisfaction.
  7. It saves a lot of time and offers greater flexibility and efficiency in core revenue-producing activities.

Why Us?

  1. Our PSD to HTML converted website will be compatible with W3C standards and will have high pixel-to-pixel quality. Moreover, these web pages are cross-browser compatible to have smooth browsing at different web browsers.
  2. We not only provide responsive websites but even the individual web pages designed by us are also compatible with iPhone, iPad, blackberry, android and other mobile browsers.
  3. Our dedicated staff provides full technical support to our customers.
  4. Apart from PSD to HTML conversion, we also provide recording services for existing websites to convert to up-to-date SEO friendly web pages.
  5. We can boast of having lesser turnaround time than our competitors. We take approximately 12 hours to create homepage and 16 to 24 hours to develop 2 to 3 secondary pages for simple designs. For complex designs, we take a little more time to complete the design but it all remains within the customer laid time constraints.
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