Malware Scanning Consulting

With internet growing leaps and bounds, new websites are being launched each day. Along with the developing websites, malware systems are also developing. It might sound strange but it’s true that many of the running websites, even the big ones are often infected with dangerous malware even without the notice of the website owner. Such infection is threatening to the brand reputation of a website because not only does it affect the normal operations of the website but it can also lead to breach of confidentiality and integrity of the customer’s information or other financial information considered ‘secure’ in the cloud space. What you need to break this vicious circle is malware scanning consulting!
Benefits of Malware Scanning Consulting

  1. Malware scanning disinfects and kicks out all kinds of suspicious items including worms, threats, viruses, Trojans and other types of malware from the system.
  2. Constant upgrade of the malware detection system ensures maximum protection from malware as the system keeps maturing with information on both previously and newly known malware and encompasses solutions for both.
  3. On-demand scanning as well as time-to-time regular scanning can be performed.
  4. Enhancement in security posture and behavioural analysis are packed benefits with streamlined malware scanning process.
  5. Malware scanning consulting is a smart option as it kicks out the worries and stress related to managing a safe and secure work space.

Why Us?

  1. We at Prologic Web Designs have an expert in-house team dedicated to support high-level security mechanisms for seamless functioning of our clients’ websites and operations.
  2. We combine various malware scanning techniques to deliver completely secure online space to our clients for flawless and smooth functioning of their business processes.
  3. We constantly perform malware checks and send monthly reports to our clients with details relating to the number of threats observed, disinfection/deletion status and sources of origin of malicious items.
  4. We are available to support our clients 24×7. Thus, we assure that any issue faced by our clients can be resolved with minimum turnaround time.
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