Chat Integration

Chat integration provisions the channel of communication with your customers which is but an indispensable requirement in today’s business world. It helps to interact with your customers in real time. Integrating live chat feature in your website will increase the interest of your customers in your business and in the products or services offered by you.

Benefits of Chat Integration

  1. It helps clients develop greater trust levels in your products or services. Since through live chat, your customers are able to get your assistance at any time, therefore it is the best way to increase the confidence of your customers in your business.
  2. Increases online sales and reduces site abandonment.
  3. Greater leads can be generated as the user can be offered assistance through chat if he is confused about the product or service and wishes to know more.
  4. It increases conversions. When someone visits your site and spends time by visiting different sections of your site and if he finds live chat feature, then he is assured that you are serious about your customer’s support. Greater availability and interaction through effective marketing skills is sure to increase the chances of conversion. This will ultimately result in increased sales.
  5. It makes your site match the contemporary feature-richness. Integrating a live chat always adds an extra style quotient to your site thereby making it feature-rich.

Why Us?

  1. We at Prologic Web Designs process flawless chat system integration in order to help our clients’ organizations to reach out to their target customers easily and to maximize leads and conversions.
  2. This revenue making tool helps to engage more online visitors.
  3. Our seamless live chat integration helps clients initiate chats with website visitors in order to take advantage of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, reduce costs related to more costly channels and prevent lost transactions.
  4. You are always in control with our chat integration software which allows you to decide when to chat, how many chats a time and with which customers. When you are not available, the chat software will take a message so that you can communicate with your prospective customer later. The benefit lies with smart setup and integration.
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