Auction Integration

Today, online auction has become a crucial part of the expansion campaigns. An online auction system can be easily incorporated into your fundraising program and it helps auctions run more effortlessly by reducing the amount of logistical work that needs to be done on the event day. For many reasons, your auction website needs to be able to take payments because winning bidders will need to pay for the items they have won. It is also important for the sellers to pay the listing fee. Thus, having an online auction system will always be on the higher end for your website!

Benefits of Auction Integration

  1. Online auction promotes your fund raising events, enlarges your reach, increases the number of auction items received by your organization and encourages bidders to bid in a more competitive manner.
  2. An auction website offers supplemental income outlets which help your organization to raise more capital.
  3. Online auctions introduce your organization to a large number of new supporters
  4. Online auction is an affordable way to leverage your existing investment in your site so as to attract more donors, to strengthen relationships with existing donors and to get more donations.
  5. It offers an opportunity to the charitable bidders to buy elite items at lower prices.

Why Us?

  1. We offer a wide variety of payment integration options for auction websites ranging from simple off-site payment methods to full integration.
  2. We offer limitless live support to our customers from our experienced auction integration experts
  3. We provide 24x7x365 access to our resource center as well as knowledge base.
  4. Our auction integration system generates invoices automatically when the lot is sold. This can be downloaded by the user as a PDF.
  5. It also offers multiple item checkout process to the users.
  6. Personalized account section of our auction integration system helps the users to check what items they have won, for which items they have paid money and which items are to be paid for.
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