Amazon Affiliate Store Integration

Amazon is an e-commerce website where you can buy products online. It is also a place where you can earn money by referring someone to Amazon. If the person referred by you buys something from Amazon, then you get a commission from Amazon. For this, you will have to create a link to a particular product on Amazon. When someone clicks on your link and buys product that you are linked to, you get a commission.

Benefits of Amazon Affiliate Store Integration

  1. Amazon affiliate store integration is an effective way to earn extra income if you have a website or blog. Amazon affiliate program allows you to earn 4% or more on purchases made using a special link on your website or blog.
  2. Even if you do not have any product to sell online, you can get started with Amazon affiliate program to earn referral income with no or very little startup costs.
  3. It helps you to provide your customers with a large selection of products.
  4. It provides you with an opportunity to make extra income without having to buy products and hold large stock.
  5. It allows you to test products you want to promote by comparing how well referrals to similar products are performing.
  6. Affiliate store integration is beneficial for both merchant as well as affiliate. It provides the merchant with a much wider market to advertise his/her products and services. For affiliate, it is the easiest way of earning money.
  7. Since affiliate programs are free to join, therefore affiliates need not worry about start-up costs.

Why Us?

  1. Our Amazon affiliate store integration service offers a large number of benefits to both merchant as well as affiliate.
  2. We at Prologic Web Designs have employed experts who know well how to divert traffic from your website or blog and attain maximum lead conversions.
  3. With new and innovative ideas for maximizing business profits, we work in an always-on mode to deliver Amazon affiliate store integration services to the best of our potential.
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