SSL Consulting

In today’s world of internet, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the most extensively installed and used security protocol. It is a technology used for establishing a safe link between a client and a server. SSL allows sensitive information to be transmitted safely on internet. Since data between web servers and browsers is sent in the form of plain text, therefore it is completely safe with SSL in action. SSL is the backbone of secure internet as it keeps the internet from being ruled by cyber criminals and anarchists.

Benefits of SSL Consulting

  1. Secures any susceptible information exchanged online.
  2. Secures system logins.
  3. Secures online transactions and credits.
  4. Secures applications like office communication server and outlook web access.
  5. Secures the link between client and server.
  6. Secures workflow and virtualization applications such as cloud based computing platforms or Citrix delivery platform.
  7. Secures intranet based transfer like extranets, database connections and file sharing.
  8. Secures the transfer of files over FTP(s) and https.
  9. Helps customers gain confidence in the security of applications.

Why Us?

  1. To fulfill our desire of offering exceptional services to our customers, we at Prologic Web Designs employ experienced and skilled IT professionals to ensure quality and timely services.
  2. Currently, we are lending our expertise to thousands of customers across the world.
  3. With the help of our technical executives and sales executives, all your questions will be answered quickly and extra help will be provided to make sure that your business receives all the help and advice it needs.
  4. Apart from offering exceptional services to our customers, we are able to provide you with an infrastructure that is unmatched with that of our competitors.
  5. Our zeal to provide quality services within budget has made us one of the top-notch players in the field of SSL consulting.
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