MySQL Database Support

Whether you are a dedicated network administrator or a web developer with an interest to build database applications, MySQL is extremely powerful, easy to use, scalable and secure. Because of its fast speed and small size, it is an ideal database solution for internet websites.

Benefits of MySQL Database Support

  1. MySQL database is an open source system and can be used by anyone. This provides an opportunity to the developers to create free MySQL database. Moreover, changes can be made to the code as per requirement. However, there are certain limitations for people who want to use MySQL database for commercial use. For this, they might have to purchase standard edition of SQL server for a very nominal charge.
  2. Databases setup on MySQL are very secure because all the passwords are stored in an encrypted form thereby restricting unauthorized access to the database.
  3. Low operating cost. The maintenance cost is pretty low which makes the use of MySQL database the most favorable option for small companies. In addition, there is free MySQL training which allows people to learn and handle MySQL databases without any major issues.
  4. Cross-platform operability is the most important factor which makes MySQL the most opted form of database. This feature allows it to get installed on all major platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris and others without affecting their performance. In addition, it can be integrated with Java, Perl, Python, C and C++, etc. very easily.

Why Us?

  1. We have flawlessly optimized servers to deliver best performance for MySQL applications.
  2. We also provide a large number of free MySQL tools including galleries, forums, CMS systems, shopping carts, blogs and many more.
  3. We support both MySQL 4 and MySQL 5. In addition, we offer unlimited MYSQL databases.
  4. Our MySQL support package is the best in market because it has the lowest price for the features and quality it includes.
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