Cloud SQL Support

Cloud SQL Support

Cloud SQL is a fully-managed relational database hosted on Google cloud platform. Basically, it provides database backup to all the applications working on Google compute engine. This indicates that all the people using Google compute engine can connect with this Google cloud database. It controls enough operating speed and enough storage that an app needs for proper functioning. Cloud SQL support meets the demands of app developers who want millions of users to use their app and update new settings immediately. In addition, if you want to build your user base for your online services, you will need bigger and faster MySQL databases.

Benefits of Cloud SQL Support

  1. Your valuable data is replicated on various servers in various geographic locations automatically.
  2. Cloud SQL database provides more secure connectivity.
  3. Cloud SQL database is a fully-managed database that takes care of complete data management.
  4. Enhanced datacenter availability.
  5. Database import and export is permissible.
  6. The scalability that comes from cloud hosted SQL databases cannot be matched with that of physical machines.
  7. High availability is one of the key factors that makes cloud based SQL the number one choice for online businesses. There is nothing more painful than dealing with a decisive database going down during high traffic and sales times. Cloud based SQL database provides protection from this issue with highly advanced technology and distributed resources.
  8. If you are already overloaded with network administration, then providing some parts of your infrastructure to the cloud helps you to offload maintenance.

Why Us? 

  1. We offer data protection via restore, auditing and geo-replication of our clients’ cloud SQL databases.
  2. The cloud SQL support offered by us is self-managed for near-zero maintenance.
  3. Our cloud SQL support system is scalable to thousands of databases.
  4. We offer more comprehensive support to our customers including 24×7 phone access to our technical and support team.
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