Mobile App : FAQ

1) Why do I need a Mobile App ?

There are 4 basic benefits that you can get from a Mobile App :

1. Your Customers Use Apps. A Lot.

Chris Lema says that your customers take 3 things with them everywhere they go. Their keys, wallet, and phone. An app allows your client to go with their customers everywhere.

Apps are fun to use, and really easy to access. In fact, they are so popular that they account for 86% of device time, as opposed to only 14% on the mobile web.

Image: Flurry Insights

With an app, your client can be part of that 86% percent, which is in addition to any website time. Not only that, but they get the branding of having their logo on the home screen of their customer’s devices.

Without a mobile app, you are missing out on being a part of that 86%. Let’s look at why mobile apps dominate device usage.

2. Apps are faster, easier, and more focused.

An app can present your client’s content faster, and in a more focused way.

Take a look at the screenshots below. To get to the website on the left, you need to click on the web browser, enter the site address (or search for it), then click to go there. Once you get to the site, the content is not as prominent as it could be (in this case, only 50% of the screen is focused on content).

Compare that to an app, which is a single click, and it displays the content using 90% of the screen. Not to mention it is faster in many cases.


3. Distribution

Putting your client’s business on the app stores is a great way to create another distribution channel.


It is a way to stay on top of the customer’s mind, and be everywhere they go. Being on the app store offers other unique advantages, because apps can do things that websites can’t, like push notifications.

As an added bonus, mobile apps can even enhance your SEO.

4. Engagement


A mobile app allows your client to engage with her customers in a new and exciting way.  Offering up content in a new medium that is faster and easier to use creates more  engagement.

Not only that, but push notifications allow your client to get intimate access to customer  devices. Send a notification when a new post is published, or when you have a holiday  sale.

That type of engagement can only come from a mobile app.






2) What is the difference between Native App , Hybrid App , Mobile Website/HTML5 App ?

There are mainly 3 options of mobile application development:

Native app:

Mobile apps built for specific platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc, using their respective development tools and language.
Native App will work only on the platform it has been designed for.

HTML5 Web App:

Mobile optimized websites that appear to be apps and run on the mobile browser. These are platform independent but lack superior UX and functionality.
These apps wont run in the offline mode.

Hybrid/ Cross- Platform App:

Single mobile app built on HTML5 and optimized for multiple platforms (using native containers). They are downloaded from the app stores like native apps.

3) What I will get, if I get a Native App from you ?

Social, Ecommerce, news, almost anything.

Take/upload photos through app.
Send push notifications
Touch enabled content slider
WooCommerce integration
Social media app
Maps, Get location, check-ins

4) Why your rates are so inexpensive ?

We believe a good technology always need not be expensive. We charge nominal price to increase our client zone.

5) Will my App be updated automatically, if I update my website ?


6) I already have a website, can I get an App for the same ?


7) I just need a Native App not the website. Can you do that ?

Yes. Please send your query via contact us form.

8) What can the app do? Can I see some examples?

The app can integrate all of the content on your client’s WordPress site, and you can add content that only shows up in the app. You can create an app that takes payments, allows check-ins at a location, display members-only content, private messaging, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some great use cases of WordPress as a backend to power an app.



PressChat is a social app built with BuddyPress. It also has WordPress posts and pages, geolocation, social login, push notifications, and more.

iOS Android



Drivr allows you to summon your own personal Tesla through this app for iOS and Android. It is built with WooCommerce and several extensions, and features payments, scheduling, and much more.

iOS   Android

DradCast App Built with AppPresser and WordPress


The DradCast is a podcast about WordPress by Brad Williams and Dre Armeda. This app allows you to play sounds from the show, and listed to recent show episodes.

The DradCast app means it can be used even when not connected to the Internet. This is especially important for mobile devices, which may wander out of coverage areas.

Search the app store for Dradcast, or use the download links below:

iOS   Android




Spot Die Controle



Runner Network


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